Excellence in Brown Athletics Initiative

Support for Students in Transitioning Sports

Supporting students through the transition to the revised lineup of varsity and club sports.

The timing of the launch of the Excellence in Brown Athletics Initiative allows current student-athletes the most flexibility to consider their options. The fact that COVID-19 has raised uncertainty nationwide about collegiate competition next year means that effecting the change in varsity status now for the identified teams may provide Brown’s student-athletes with extra time to make decisions.

Support for student-athletes is the top priority in the change of varsity teams. Brown will provide assistance in counseling students about their options for remaining at Brown or, if they choose, transferring to another school. Brown’s incoming and current student-athletes are being invited to live Zoom sessions with athletics staff, representatives of the College and other support staff to have their questions answered and learn more about their options.

“ We will continue to honor the varsity history of the teams that are being converted to club status, and provide support and guidance for our student-athletes during this period of transition. That's our No. 1 priority. ”

Jack Hayes Director of Athletics and Recreation

Club Sports

As part of the long history of athletics at the University, Brown has maintained a robust club sports program that will meet the needs of many student-athletes. As part of this initiative, Brown is committed to investing more resources in club sports. Operating funds made available with the reduction in varsity teams will be allocated strategically within the Department of Athletics.

Access to Facilities and Services

Any student-athlete who continues to rehabilitate from a previous injury as a result of intercollegiate athletics participation at Brown will continue to have access to sports medicine services in the Department of Athletics. Academic support services will be available to all returning student-athletes and incoming recruited students. Coaches and athletics staff will provide support during summer 2020 and assist the current and newly admitted students impacted by this decision.

While club sports programs do not have access to athletic training facilities, sports medicine services or strength and conditioning facilities, Brown club teams will be eligible to use athletic facilities for organized practices and competitions during designated time slots. Reservations will be approved by the intramural and club sport manager.

Hall of Fame Recognition

Students and alumni who competed in sports that were varsity through the 2019-20 year will remain eligible for Hall of Fame distinction, honoring the varsity history of the sport at Brown.