Excellence in Brown Athletics Initiative

Ensuring Equity in Athletics

Upholding a strong commitment to provide equal participation opportunities to women and men in varsity athletics.

Across all of Brown’s educational activities, the University is dedicated to ensuring equitable opportunities that protect all community members from gender- and sex-based discrimination. Not only is this the law — it is also deeply embedded in Brown’s values and campus-wide commitment to diversity and inclusion.

The Excellence in Athletics Initiative advances the University’s strong commitment to providing equal opportunity to women and men in varsity athletics, in addition to boosting the competitiveness of varsity sports at Brown.

It sustains compliance with the University’s gender equity obligation under Title IX. It will increase the percentage of varsity athletic participation opportunities for women athletes to be even more closely aligned with the percentage of women in the undergraduate student body, and it provides a wide and diverse array of students with robust opportunities for competitive play at the varsity and club levels.